White is the new white

Posted on Tue, 8 Jul 2008 by KiM

Coincidentally, I found more photos of beautiful drenched-in-white homes. This time it’s a Scandinavian delight. I would move into this place in a second. I think Scandinavian spaces are some of the most inviting, comfy spaces going. (Anyone want to take my 6 cats for a couple days so I can paint my floors white??? ANYONE????)

Photos by Bjarni B. Jacobsen & Anette Eckmann

Dana says:

Lovely…. but I guess you have to be very organized and tidy to decorate your room like this.

Caitlin says:

thank you so much for these!

mermer says:

love this home. would you mind if I used some of these pics on my blog past presents shop? I'm featuring some housewares pics from etsy that were inspired by this post. thanks!!

nole says:

Anyone know where I can find the chandelier/light fixture in the pictures third down from the top? The one hanging above the dining table? I’ve seen it around and absolutely love it, but don’t know how to find it. Thanks!!

kim. says:

Nole, the light fixture looks like a mini knock-off of Ingo Maurer’s Zettel’z chandelier. Not sure where to get the one in the photo – would be a great DIY project though!

corine says:

I’d take the kitties for you, but with a white floor you might not want them back!

I had to do a post (or is it a re-post) about your post, I love it so much.

Peggy says:

Kim, I must agree, Scandanavian is one of the most inviting of styles. I want to paint my floors white too! I’ll take care of your cats, if you come and paint my floors when you’re done. In fact, why don’t you and Jo stop by this weekend, I have a myriad of projects for you the talented duo.

P.S. Know anything about the sculptures on top of the fridge. Love them!

siobhan says:

I’ll take your beautiful cats too – not sure how my own cat Millie would cope, but I’m sure that it would be character building for us all.

Now, we just need to get your cats to Ireland.

kim. says:

LOL – thanks ladies for offering to watch my cats! And Peggy, Jo and I will pop over this weekend 😉

great inspiration here! my house is “colored” I don’t think there is a pure white wall in the house nor a pure white anything. It is so inviting the way these pictures show it but OMG do these people really have kids? 🙂

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