Hecker Phelan Guthrie encore

Posted on Mon, 14 Jul 2008 by midcenturyjo

I’ve showcased Hecker Phelan Guthrie before but I just had to revisit their hospitality portfolio after seeing their latest project The Ivy in the last Belle magazine. I need to hop a plane and go for a drink. The first two pictures give you just a taste. (You can see more in their press section.) Lots of fabulous ideas to “steal” here for dining areas. Love their work!

look for me on the plane or there.
photos make me want to be there.

kim. says:

That second photo is FABULOUS! I LOVE all the white and yellow!!!

Oh the things I would do for one of those teal chairs…

I just adore how they arranged the furniture in the second image with the white and yellow. Who would have thought that one yellow chair with the table would look so fabulous. Great designers. I want to move to Australia and work for them.

One thing is for sure, these pics are GORGEOUS. Love those pillows from the top pic too….

good work

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