A dose of mid-century never hurts

Posted on Fri, 5 Sep 2008 by KiM

Love this home featured on Shoot Factory. It’s completely staged for the photos, but I really like the juxtaposition of mid-century classics (in black and white which rocks) with the rustic feel of the exposed brick. I don’t know, but ever since I got my hands on chair #1, then chair #2, then chair #3, I just can’t get enough of all things MCM.

RiverMist says:

wow that’s retro glamour sho, amazing!
I’m seriously loving your blog.
you ar e like a 24/7 inspiring machine.

Ashley L. says:

i love the ceramic bunnies! 🙂

I agree. I just love how well the modern pieces work with the wood flooring and furniture. Beautiful Space!

susie q says:

Hi guys! Do you know the name of that black oversized floor lamp that looks like a desk/task light? I’ve searched hi+lo and cannot find it…

As usual, great post. Thank you for your inspirational goodness!

Can I move in? Love it. Susie Q the most famous version of the lamp is the Giant Anglepoise lamp but there are several other versions as well. AT had a good post on them.

That bed is looking just amazing Royal Bed & those chandeliers of last one are fabulous !!

Vanessa says:

You have some amazing-great stuff on this blog! Love it!

Anonymous says:

Susie Q:

The lamp is the Luxo Great-1, sold for a cool $9.5k


I like it, but I will stick to my Arco for the time being!

This place is GREAT!! i SAW it on Shoot Factory… : )

love love love

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