David Netto

Posted on Thu, 18 Sep 2008 by KiM

It’s been quite a while since we’ve posted about David Netto. He is definitively on my list of top designers. Love his use of colour, or lack of colour in some cases, and particularly the artwork. I have a thing for lots of framed photography used in modern spaces. So graphic and attention-grabbing.

Luphia says:

all of these are so amazing, love the use of lots of framed prints on the walls!

Noel says:

Gorgeous! The pendant light in the second picture is a work of friggin’ genius.

By chance, do you know what material is used on the walls in the third and fourth picture? It’s a beautiful treatment, I’d love to have that on -my- walls.

I have never heard of David Netto. He does wonderful work!!

So glad you revisited his portfolio Kim. He’s one of my favourites too. Noel it looks like grasscloth to me. It’s a wonderful wall treatment. The vintagechair – you have so much wonderful work to discover!

Suzy says:

A man that can do no wrong in my eyes!

David is one of my all-time favorites. Thank you for posting these they are brilliant!

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