Posted on Mon, 27 Oct 2008 by KiM

Coop is an interior design firm based in Queensland, Australia that has designed some really fun, quirky and modern spaces. They do not follow current trends in their designs which is evident in the unusual creativity of their rooms. The kitchens in their portfolio are so fabulous that I’m taking note, and I love that they often use wallpaper as a way to introduce bold colours and patterns.

g. says:

Coop in Switzerland is kind of a supermarket : )
I love the design of these houses!

How on earth did you find a design firm in my own backyard all the way from Canada? 🙂 If you look closely at the homes you will see typical features like tongue and groove boards, fretwork above doors, high ceilings and our love of bringing the outside in when we renovate in this part of the world. Then you will see when you look at these homes how brave and inovative these designers are. Love their work.

kim. says:

That’s what twin sisters on maternity leave are for Jo. You’ll have to ask Julia. 🙂

It’s funny how much we don’t really bring the outside in up here in frigid-winter Canada. Sorry but I don’t want to see anything outside in the middle of the freaking winter. So different here compared to there. UGH! I’d take there in a heartbeat.

Sam says:

Who on earth lives in these spaces and what jobs do they have?? I need to get me a new career…

I love the two purple bedrooms. They are so well put together.

beautiful pictures

Plan B says:

I am like you Sam…
Did I miss something?
By the way, those interiors are very beatiful!

Carrie says:

Wow, look at the space in those kitchens! I’m feeling envious…

Diane says:

That last photo- the one of the kitchen — is heavenly.. I might even learn to cook just to spend more time there.

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