Tugging at the heart strings

Posted on Mon, 27 Oct 2008 by midcenturyjo

Sometimes a house just talks to you. Sometimes the connection is so strong you stop and daydream about living there. Sometimes you just draw your breath in sharply and use the “f” word. This house is my house. My house in my dreams. OK so there are things I’d change here and there. I’d have lots more art, it’s screaming out for sculpture, add a bit more mid-century modern and a touch of quirkiness (besides the kilim sofa)- but this house!! Oh this house is the perfect shell for my dreams. Starting it’s life as a dark little cottage it has been expanded and opened up while cocooning in and its beauty lies in the reclaimed timbers and the inside/outside blend. So do you get the idea that I really like it? Real estate stalking here.

kim. says:

Wow – it is perfect! (…with the exception of the jungle in the front yard and some of the paint colours).

Ivy Lane says:

It is simply fantastic! I love it! even the jungle out front!! I would tame it a bit…but leave some greenery there. Love the view of the city skyline from that terrace.. all the windows… sigh….

I love it too! Totally impractical for Canadian weather, but still…

It is a real surprise package. I love houses that look a certain way on the outside then blow you away on the inside. Love the green in the library and the doors that open right up to the outdoors.

Anonymous says:

You cant have it – its MY house!!!!

Well, when i can find a spare few million. 🙁

This is the best place to live in Sydney IMO. Location AND house. *sigh*

Anonymous says:

Yes, this really is the best place to live in Sydney. It’s down a little lane, with only 5 or so houses that have the perfect view of the city. I’ve coveted them for decades.

The architect is Drew Heath, another favourite. Sadly $4 million is out of my reach. You have to be a property developer to afford a house like this – and the guy who built it is. All those wood beams were salvaged from the beautiful old artist studios at the end of Glebe Point Road that he tore down. After much local protest they were finally demolished and replaced with another generic Sydney monstrosity. But… that’s how you get to afford a house like this! (and get access to such beautiful wood)

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