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Posted on Wed, 26 Nov 2008 by midcenturyjo

Aussie wonder architect Scott Weston sent us a little gift box via email. Oh Scott you shouldn’t have! You’re spoiling us. (Just pop Scott’s name in the search box on the left to see how generous he has been already.) Here’s what he had to say…

“We end up doing the most intriguing commissions for our Clients. Australia’s Harper’s Bazaar wanted a unique selling tool that targeted their advertisers for an upcoming magazine. They had heard we do intricate Concept Boxes and came to us to devise twin boxes that could be taken to advertisers as a seductive selling tool. In each box we have replicated a runway of the Bazaar Collections and have models representing the various luxury brands Hermes, Burberry etc. For each specific presentation the model is magnetised and can be fitted into the box and when the box is opened the focus is on that particular brand. All models are located in a separate magnetised box a bit like the Chinese terracotta soldiers awaiting their turn on the catwalk. On completion of the presentation it elegantly folds away leaving them wanting more!”

Scott, you and your team produce the most amazing presentation tools I’ve ever seen. Your boxes and models are a treat. Just when I didn’t think your could top your Nagata Salon model you create this treasure. It’s like grown up paper dolls!

What a genius idea!!!! The right way to train a little girl to the fashion world ­čÖé

Kate says:

That is seriously amazing!!

OhHollyJesus&Marry ­čÖé I can has some these boxes too? ­čśÇ

Mandy says:


kim. says:

A WOW from me too!!!

Anonymous says:

The models are even as thin as the real thing…

Such a clever fella!Just Brilliant!

Courtney says:

Oh, absolutely amazing! Wow!

T says:

when you scroll through the images quickly they have a flip book effect…you posted the photos in a perfect order!

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