I’m craving …

Posted on Tue, 20 Jan 2009 by midcenturyjo

… simplicity and calm. Things are crazy around the world. Recession, war and greed gone wrong but maybe just maybe a change is in the air. A room full of books, sunshine through a window and a few well designed pieces of furniture. Bliss. Bench by Barnaby Tuke.

Would move in tomorrow – so many books, so much window seat to spread out on when reading them. I can’t think of a single field in which simple style does not excel.

A gorgeous home for our 1500 books.

Simplicity and calm, maybe No Drama Obama can bring it on.

kim. says:

I am so desperate to get some shelving for my mags. OMG this post is making me CRAZY because more than shelving, I need a freaking loungey couch that is comfortable. AAAGGGHHH

Peggy says:

That is a gorgeous room. I’d never leave. I crave simplicy too. Not as easy to achieve as it looks.

très Cool!

I just love this room… peace…

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