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Posted on Wed, 28 Jan 2009 by midcenturyjo

Where oh where have the retro posts been? Simple answer – I ran out of retro books to plunder. I had to wait to the next big book fair to replenish my stocks. I got some goodies! I thought I’d start with everyone’s favourite era. Not the stylish sixties or the fabulous seventies. No the much maligned eighties. Kelly Wearstler is on the bandwagon. Is it time to join? Remember the chunky pine? The stencilled furniture? The lace and patchwork and dried flowers and Tiffany lamps? Padded bedding of all types and grey, grey and more grey (with lashings of salmon pink)? Bedrooms are the best area to start. Somewhere soothing to rest your head. Today’s book is Making the most of Bedrooms & Bathrooms, by Mary Gilliatt, Orbis Publishing, London,1983.

LexyB says:

I love retro stuff … it shows you what stands the test of time, and what looks plain old awful once the fad has died! Thanks for sharing

Sally says:

ooh, I love these!
I love the green wall room, and the orange chairs room. Hurrah for salmon pink and grey!
Thank you for posting …

Anonymous says:

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Running away and screaming. The eighties must stay buried!

This is lovely!! Amazing. I love the lamps in the third picture. Also, the open shelves in the last picture is amazing… lovely!! Thanks for sharing!

Courtney says:

What makes me laugh is that while some of these spaces do feel decidedly ’80s, upon examination, I am more surprised that some of them also feel like they could turn up today in a Sneak Peek on Design*Sponge, a House Tour on AT, or even in a portfolio of a current designer or photographer. Fun post!

Dani says:

I love your blog.

kim. says:

Thanks Dani!

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I really like almost all of these. 🙂 I really like the layout in the last photo. Looks like an Ikea ad.

amy w says:

My mom bought this book for me when it was new, and I poured over it, deciding which styles I would have in my own house when I grew up. Unfortunately, I loaned it out and never got it back. I’m so glad to see some of the images again! Thanks!

Anonymous says:

ARGGHHH! No No No. Please these are not cool not even kitsch but tacky! The only thing missing is the floral printed quilt that still haunt many a cheap motel these days. The dust I can feel my allergies coming on! LOL

Aaaaaahahahahaha! These remind me so much of the home design books my parents had when I was a kid… exact same vintage. I think my favorite is the catty-corner bed with the arbitrary plant behind it. Followed by the green prison cell.

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