Bathroom lighting dilemma

Posted on Mon, 9 Feb 2009 by KiM

Ian wrote us last week with a request for some ideas for this bathroom: “I’m trying to get my bathroom lighting sorted and I’ve decided against harsh overhead lighting with the plan of having the mirror lit either side instead which is a much more flattering light. However, I’ve looked everywhere and can find barely any ideas! I was thinking of a couple of Glo-balls coming out of the mirror, or recessed lighting, or a pair of Tolomeo lights coming out of the wall etc. Anything other than a horrid downlighter above my head! I wondered if you may be able to help me and post some much needed inspiration on your site?”

I went through my photos of bathrooms and selected some that hopefully give Ian some ideas. I personally think 2 glo-ball-like lights hanging on either side or wall-mounted Tolomeos would look fantastic. (I’ve got Tolomeos on either side of my range and I LUV them!). Examples of these and others are below.

Cossman_de Bruyn Ami Mckay
Dolly Howarth IFI
Location Works Kate Hume
House Beautiful mlk studio
Better Homes and Gardens Jeff Andrews

great blog!~!!!!!

You have me completely hooked on Tolomeos these days. Thinking these for my bathroom when we build 🙂

Anonymous says:

Thanks so much!!! Amazing pictures and a lot of odeas to steal from…thanks again 🙂 Ian x

what a great roundup!

Anonymous says:

I think that the Ann Sacks websites has some really great images of baths with indirect lighting, as well.

I am not a fan of the traditional overhead vanity lights…boring. There are so many other great lighting choices that are also way more flattering. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous says:

I find having both overhead and side fill lighting to be the best bet when lighting the bathroom. I like to use a halogen (great, white colored light) recessed fixture over the sink 15″-18″ from the wall and a light on each side of the mirror (sconces, pendants, etc) hung at face level. This gives you great overall lighting. Good luck!

I love the picture from elle deco, the bathroom is nice but the nicest thing is the wall of newspapers, I love the look.


seatwo says:

This is so funny-I am at work, designing some bathrooms, and I came here looking for a little inspiration…the 2nd bathroom down on the left is our firm's work 🙂 My boss was totally stoked to see it here!

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