Flickr finds – Ikea’s Lack floating shelves

Posted on Sun, 22 Feb 2009 by KiM

Laurel says:

This post makes me want to reorganize everything with these shelves.:)

I need to buy a house so I can drill into the wall to put something up like this. Hate renting 🙁

CATS!!!!!! ::mauls one:: LOVE THEM!!! xoxox <3 Üdo

I love these shelves, they look good in any situation. Love the cats in the last photo.

I have about 6 of these shelves sitting in the attic – I HAVE to pull them out and hang them RIGHT NOW! I really do love the look!
Victoria @ DesignTies

my shelves don’t look nearly as good as these. i really wonder how they were installed without any brackets, (the ones holding a decent amount of weight).

I loooove these shelves! You should check out They used these shelves in their dining area and they look amazing!

yariire says:

thank you for the feature! 🙂
They don’t need any brackets. You just have to put 16 screws into your wall for each shelf 🙂

p says:

I bought some
All i need now is to have someone help me arrange items on them like these great photos.
Im trying to arrange books with the colour of the binder to form a rainbow patten.
any idears where i can get the books?

c says:

awesome collection! I just bought this shelf and was looking for ideas. Thanks for putting together! 🙂

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