Laurent Bourgois

Posted on Thu, 19 Feb 2009 by KiM

The Paris-based firm of Laurent Bourgois consists of works in interior architecture and design. They have an impeccable grasp on classic and contemporary styles, and include many ethnic touches (and occasionally modern) in their designs. Below are works that wowed me…2 tiled kitchens with very different vibes, relaxing bedrooms, graphic artwork, it’s cultured yet comfortable.

susie q says:

The stone, tile, or wood covering the walls and ceilings have a womblike effect. Very cozy, very ‘home’.

Anonymous says:

“Some historians claim that Mao Zedong was a dictator comparable to Hitler and Stalin, with a death toll perhaps surpassing both.Mao was also frequently compared to China’s First Emperor Qin Shi Huang, notorious for burying alive hundreds of scholars. During a speech to party cadre in 1958, Mao said: “He buried 460 scholars alive; we have buried forty-six thousand scholars alive… You [intellectuals] revile us for being Qin Shi Huangs. You are wrong. We have surpassed Qin Shi Huang a hundredfold.”” Wikipedia…

kim. says:

Hey folks, can we let the Mao issue rest now? I am not interested in causing a big political discussion. If I wanted drama I would have posted another photo of my cowhide rug. 🙂

The tile in the first kitchen is positively beautiful. I adore it! Thanks for introducing me to them.

Happy Weekend:)

Sam says:

I am also on team anti-mao. Of course we are going to get political!! He is evil evil evil!!!
It’s in bad taste to post it, kim. What did you expect? What’s next in your insulting image cache? Educate yourselves and spare us please.

May I have the top kitchen please? Pretty please? With sugar and strawberries on top?

shira @ tchochkes

Eva says:

love the rustic looking tiled kitchen. reminds me of my grandmother’s kitchen growing up, yet it’s still feels right in style.

susie q says:

i can see why everyone is upset about the Mao art. Maybe Jo and Kim should stop posting such controversial images so things are less heated & Nancy Graceish around here.

brandy says:

It’s art, it’s supposed to make you think, and longer than 20 seconds. Enough with the censorship talk. It’s a design blog, this is how someone chose to design their home, including that painting.

AND I’m 97 percent sure i saw a video in school about this artist. If it’s who i remember, she’s Chinese American, and this was part of a big series she did, based on old photographs. If you look closer, you’ll see it’s all dripping, coming apart (i think she used linseed oil?). Many, many, many Chinese artists have done their own version of the ‘official’ portrait, and not because they were told to, but to put their own stamp on him.

kim. says:

Thank you brandy!

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