Posted on Mon, 9 Mar 2009 by KiM

There are chairs, and then there are CHAIRS. There is one chair I have wanted for quite some time, and when I got home from work Friday, there it was in a huge box on my front porch. My first ever bean bag chair! I was as giddy as a schoolgirl let me tell ya. Andrew, the founder of Sumo, had emailed a few days ago and wondered if I would be interested in receiving their Omni chair. And I am SO GLAD he did! It is the coolest thing ever. I chose platinum, which turned out to be the perfect choice. I had the thing in about a zillion positions and each one was super comfy. It’s so big, you can sit and have part of it as a back rest. LOVED that. I chilled out in front of the TV on it in that position and I think it’s up there in terms of comfort level with my newly constructed sofa. I can’t wait to have my little niece over so she can play around on it. Speaking of which, they’re made of rip-proof nylon so my 6 cats nor the niece can do damage. It comes in 10 colours (was kind of hard to choose), several different styles (a gamer, a stool, some that fit multiple people) and FREE SHIPPING!!! Also to note, they are cheaper than other brands. So go on over to their site and seriously, order one for yourselves. They are awesome. Thank you Andrew!!!

kim. says:

Thanks for the comment kikimode …I’ll chalk it up to jealousy. 🙂

It looks incredibly comfortable and I must admit I had never seen such a chair in my life, at least not in Spain… And please, keep on posting images of you, as it is great to see the authors of such an incredible blog… (it also goes for Jo ;))

the gooch says:

That’s the worst thing I have ever seen. I hope they’re giving a good kickback to promote this stuff.

corinna says:

some time ago i came across the “fatboy” bean bag chair. on their website they say “Jukka Setälä from Finland designed the Fatboy® in 1998 as the beanbag from the 21st century!” they have most recently gone on to partner with marimekko, dwellstudio, and others. it seems like the sumo is a direct copy? don’t know how i feel about that…

kim. says:

I personally have no issues with reproductions of originals, especially when they’re much less expensive. Sumo also carries other styles, not just the one pictured.

Peggy says:

I’m with Jo. I’ve never been able to get out of a bean bag chair. I think this one is rather ugly and not worthy of the divine evolution your home is taking. That said, it’s kinda cool to have something wacky and fun. I think it would be great fun to watch the kids and cats on it, but that’s probably all I’d use it for.

It’s appearance is vastly improved with you in it. You look adorable. And those slippers are wonderful! Did you make them?

kim. says:

Depending on the position you put the chair in, it can be easy to get out of. It's not something I'd leave in the middle of my living room because it doesn't quite go with the vibe I've got going so my boyfriend is using it at his apartment for now, until I get a rec room built over the garage that doesn't exist yet. LOL. And he RAVES about the chair. He and one of his cats absolutely LOVE it. I watched an hour show on it the other night and I kept telling him how comfortable it was compared to the couch. So it might not work in everyone's living room, but it's IDEAL in a rec room or a kid's room.
Thanks for saying I look adorable. LOL. The slippers are a fav find on Etsy here. My sister and I both got a pair.

Julie says:

Sitting pretty. It looks so comfortable… I love the rug too.

Anonymous says:

Beware sumo! They do not always send products as described on their website, and they are having some major issues with suppliers. After sending me a ‘generic’ beanbag with no sumo logo on it, wrong size and wrong color.. Andrew Milligan called me retarded and schizophrenic for being upset about it!

kim. says:

Anon, perhaps your experience was an exception because I had absolutely no problems with the delivery of mine.

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