Julien Oppenheim

Posted on Tue, 10 Mar 2009 by KiM

Julien Oppenheim is an extraordinary young photographer from Paris, whose photos draw you in regardless of their subjects. They have such an aura of mystery and intrigue, which is heightened by quirkiness of many of the spaces in his portfolio. I think quirkiness is essential in design to heighten the level of interest. Makes for endearing spaces and subsequently, gorgeous photos.

Oh! I love those huge portraits!! Fabulous!

that interior is unbelievably cool…by far my favourite post on this site…amazing!!thanks for sharing!

Great inspiration, love the paintings!!

These photos are so rich and lush.

Moema says:

amo seu blog! parabéns! visito todos os dias para apreciar seus encantos! conheça o meu depois. Bjs

I love the mood in the pictures and the light is amazing!

julien says:

A friend of mine just showed me this blog with my pictures. I am glad you like my work. The big paintings are by Raymond Galle (200rd10@free.fr), my step father. i’ll send you the new version of my site, with plenty of new works, very soon. Julien

kim. says:

We don’t like your work Julien, we LOVE your work!! And your stepfather is VERY talented. We would love for you to let us know when your site is updated. Thanks for stopping by!

I could barely pull myself away from his site! Amazing!!

Ich bin hingerissen von den Foto’s und den grossen Porträt-Bildern! Erwarte voller Ungeduld die neue Version der Julien-Seite!

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