Robert Gervais

Posted on Thu, 12 Mar 2009 by KiM

I have a serious obsession with the colour grey, and when I found the portfolio of Parisian architect and interior designer Robert Gervais, I was in heaven. Grey walls, grey floors, grey doors….OH MY. There is other good stuff too but I keep coming back to the grey. In period homes like this, it’s a magical colour and makes a beautiful backdrop for interesting architecture and furnishings.

Ingunn says:

Love the pictures. Especially with black/white colors.

I will visit you again. Thank you for a lovely blog.

Michelle says:

Ooh-la-la! I’ve been inspired, thank you : )

jana says:

His use of pendant lights in such a rhythm over and over is very cool. I did notice the gray, but the russet orange accents were very appealing as well.

thank you for inspiring me, as usual. Now, I must be going to retire into photo 10 for an afternoon nap.

warmest, jana

I share the love of gray. It’s become my new black. The grays work well in these interiors!

Seriously beautiful interiors.

Summer says:

I love those pictures,just lovely as always.;D Great,nice post.Hope to see more from you.;D Have a nice day.

Peggy says:

Kim, I am really starting to love gray. I think it’s your influence, and also I am influenced by the beauty of the Lake Erie Sky.

I love the first picture, but I really don’t like parquet flooring. What’s your take on parquet flooring? Have you done a post about it?

kim. says:

The flooring in the first photo is herringbone, not parquet. Believe me, parquet can be pretty bad. My last house had it everywhere (ie. see here) and while it was WAY better than carpet, it's a little too cheap looking. When it's stained dark it's alot better. I LOVE the herringbone in the first photo.

Peggy says:

Kim, what’s the difference between herringbone and parquet?

kim. says:

If I’m not mistaken herringbone is when it’s laid in longer strips in V’s, and parquet is in squares. Parquet = cheapy 70s or 80s, herringbone = WAY cooler and often seen in very old homes.

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