All there in black and white

Posted on Fri, 13 Mar 2009 by midcenturyjo

A limited palette but maximum appeal. Stark modern interiors by Paris architectural firm Joseph Dirand. Oh the luxury of pure minimalism. Imagine having a sleek and often hidden home for the “things” of everyday life. Clean lines may be cold to some but heaven to others. And just a hint of aged timber to warm the heart!

desiree says:

Wow! The views are unbelievable as are the spaces. Thanks so much for the share.

So dramatic, looks really beautiful though. The vanity area looks amazing and almost like a piece of art. Love the kitchen, the marble island make such a statement. Thanks for sharing, Hayley

hmm…a tad austere for me. but beautiful to look at.

those windows are truly spectacular. wouldn’t you give anything to commission floor-to-ceiling windows??

100% heaven! The moldings in some of those rooms really make them- they add something more traditional and classic to the modern austerity, making both stand out even more. Completely lovely.

Peggy says:

Drool. I am starting to really love black walls in minimal environments. Great post.

Sarthak says:

That is very much close to my dream appartment !! or rather it is already ! but i was wondering how would living in the all black/white space affect one’s mood while living in that space ?

Can’t get enough of black and white, just luv it!

kim. says:

I looooove this as eye candy, but I really could not live in an all black and white home. I would be out shopping and see colourful items I’d want and have to leave them all at the shops. YIKES. I need colour in my life.

What is not to love about all of these pictures? The views are breath taking all the black and white rooms are HOT. However, i'd probably add a punch of color with accessories or art. Nonetheless, black & white is gorgeous.

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