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Posted on Mon, 30 Mar 2009 by KiM

Just found this photo in my stash – LOVE THIS!! (I wanted to do this in my office when I was redecorating it last year but couldn’t find decent looking crates).

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oh man! that kicks ass. i love crates. where on earth would you find such lovely crates on a budget? pretty.

Joy says:

This is so great! I’ve been looking for storage ideas lately.. thanks for sharing. Love!!!

Oh I had about a dozen wine crates years ago but gave them away. I want them back now 🙁

this is great! At the moment I only have one decent wooden crate but I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Totally cool, as a Canadian living down under it was a delight to wander into your blog space today.

Enjoyed all your inspirational posts, thank you for sharing.

kim. says:

Welcome Pearl Maple!

jawcey says:

Ohhhhhhhh…I love it toooooooo! Let’s make a deal: if either of us find mass quantities of similar-looking crates in Ottawa, we’ll let the other person know 🙂

kim. says:


I know the perfect little haunt to stock up on crates in Sydney, but at $40 and upwards per crate the price gets a little out of control fairly quickly. I’d love to have a room divider like this, but in reality I need to store so many magazines and books that it wouldn’t look anywhere near as stylish as this!

drey says:

ooooh this is inspired Kim! of course, the dark colours highlight the monotone of the contents and i’d rather see the original book covers of most of my books… spray painting them a warm teal or orange or bright white… mmmmmmm

what a great idea.

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