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Posted on Fri, 24 Apr 2009 by KiM

Patrick Flynn is a designer/project manager at envelopeA+D, an architecture and design firm based in Oakland, California and he emailed us thinking we’d be interested in a project the firm recently completed (it was featured in the NY Times yesterday). Interested??? I almost passed out when I saw the photos. This home is so unbelieveably cool and funky and creative and plucked right out of my dreams. I am completely smitten with it. The Victorian duplex is located in San Francisco, and is owned by Claire Bigbie (an interior designer who now designs for the firm) and her skateboarder boyfriend Jay Shapiro. It was renovated to house a creative studio for Claire on the main floor and the living quarters upstairs. I adore absolutely everything about this home, including the incredible blue-black exterior (used to downplay the Victorian embellishments). Thanks so much Patrick for sharing this with us! Every photo below is going in my inspiration folder, and I imagine in many of our readers’ folders too.

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Oleg V says:

Love this house
Wouldn't mind living here at all

tom petty says:

Anyone know where you could get a table like the one in the creative space? the one with A-legs?

kim. says:

TP, I don't know where that table came from but Ikea sells some A frame legs that you could use to make one yourself.

Hels says:

I loved the idea of thinking up one's dream home, before ever finding it in reality. In fact you went one step further and found a place that ticks some/all of your boxes. Well done!

I have created a link to your post, many thanks
Art and Architecture, mainly

sean says:

This house is so try-hard modern and cliché. The fact that it is a Victorian masquerading as contemporary makes it even worse. In ten years, when "modern" has a new look, this brand of modern will look dated.(it already does). I don’t think fans of contemporary or Victorian will appreciate this house if/when the owners decide to sell.

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