I admit it … I’m addicted

Posted on Mon, 18 May 2009 by midcenturyjo

I have an addiction. I stalk real estate sites. Nothing new you say. You know I do. Now I “live” at Swedish real estate site Alvhem. I’m not joking. If I could live there I would, especially in a white wonderland like this.

great post, brilliant photos. i’ll be back tomorrow for another fix. love the swedes.

Amy says:

Wow – they make a cookbook look like art on the counter! Is there some mandatory class that Swedes must take that makes them all fabulous decorators – and where can I sign up???

Anonymous says:

i cried a little bit when i saw the purple door. too much beauty in one place. aaaaaaahhh

I am in love!!!!

Linn says:

This is SICK! It’s like I lived there myself, I lovelovelove white homes with some colors added!

Thanks for this link. I’m addicted to Mr. Lodge, a placement service in Munich. occaissonally I see some German brilliance.


So Pretty!! So White!! I love white and maybe just oneday when the kids have grown! Daisy~

amaaaazing !!1

vision says:

gothenburg is an awesome city, go there.

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