Warning ….

Posted on Thu, 21 May 2009 by midcenturyjo

… viewing this house may be harmful to your health. Your pulse will race and your heart will flutter. You may even feel butterflies in your stomach. Anki (thank you thank you) emailed a link to this wonderful home. “This house was in my local paper and I thought you might like it. It’s a summerhouse on an island in the Gothenburg archipelago. It’s got a very Danish feel and it’s furnished with a nice mix of Scandinavian design classics, IKEA finds and stuff the owner bought while travelling.” Gorgeous!!! (Photos by Martin von Brömssen.)

And Anki has an interesting story to tell about Alvhem. “Gothenburg is also the home of Alvhem and a friend of mine sold his apartment through them. Most apartments are emptied and then completely redecorated before being put on the market. It’s a fascinating process, a bit like the process of storytelling in the advertising world. They (Alvhem and my friend who works in advertising himself) decided that the apartment that previously had housed a family of 4 with small kids should be inhabited by a woman in her 30s and then they styled the apartment with this in mind.” That’s why the apartments are always so perfect… had a suspicion didn’t you!

Anonymous says:

yes, my eyes dancing, my pulse racing, butterflies fluttering

SWOON! Wow, that is one fantastic house!

Helene says:

This is “our” house or at least our house to be.
Look at my blogg and see our drawings and plans.
We are building a one plan house, black with sedum roof.

liza says:

Yes. This is completely perfect. And, regarding Alvhem, suspicion confirmed! Amazing that they work that hard for their clients – I’d love that out of my broker if we ever sell… but where do the owners go? Is it assumed they will move out and own their new place before they sell the old one?

leni says:

so beautiful!

Kirby3131 says:

I spent 3 days with a host family in Gothenburg in 1983. I was part of a choir of 43 and we had about 20 different host families. The area is gorgeous – and this home shows that wonderfully. Oooh, the memories!

I’m comin’ Elizabeth, I’m comin’!

Gosh, love all I am seeing! Great finds!

Nanna says:

We are about to start to build a small summer house by a lake in Finland, and these pictures visualised exactly my thoughts of the style and colours. Thanks! And thank you for a great blog 🙂

Ola says:

Love it! This is how I want to live.

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