Teeny weeny white

Posted on Thu, 11 Jun 2009 by midcenturyjo

It’s almost the end of the work week and I haven’t posted anything Swedish. Oh… neither has Kim! Time to remedy that. How about this little flat. Kitchen, bathroom and just one more room. Lots of white. Plenty of Scandinavian style and for someone like me who LOVES to cook I’d be very happy with a cute kitchen just that size and my bedroom in the living room. Maybe I’ll move in! From here of course.

roysie says:

Wonderful porch!

susieq says:

Fabulous — I just love this white-drenched space.

andrea says:

what a beautiful home!

kim. says:

What a gorgeous little apartment! See? Living in a small space can sometimes be a REALLY GOOD THING.

Mimi says:

I love the little seating area in front of the window and the balcony is great too!

Porcelain says:

Holy Crap! LOVE that kitchen. All that white, with the perfect touch of wood! Drool!

Thank you for always satisfying my constant craving for simple Swedish!
You are the best!!

Peggy says:

What a gorgeous place. I want to move in. Thank you, I was in need of a Swedish design post. Just can't live without it.

AMR says:

Really so lovely! And I like how a photo of a nearby bakery's interior – with all the delicious-looking breads – is included on the listing (here: http://www.alvhemmakleri.se/index.php?page=hem-till-salu&object_id=OBJ17735_975986078&view=images ). Brilliant marketing. Sold!

lovely place and very reasonably priced, at approx 157 000 euros.

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