Camille Soulayrol

Posted on Mon, 29 Jun 2009 by midcenturyjo

What’s white, bright and full of fun? What’s sophisticated yet boho, handmade indie and inspirational? Why the portfolio of french stylist Camille Soulayrol! Wow! It’s overflowing with beautiful images and clever ideas. Writer, designer, stylist and super talented. Great way to start the week don’t you think?

Danger says:

From the first three pictures, I didn't think I would like these rooms.. but omg how wrong I was! (I think living in Mississippi has ruined me from enjoying even the most well-designed use of wood.)

My favorite HAS to be that headboard with the bird – that's one of the most incredible pieces I have ever seen!

Amy says:

Absolutely lovely! That floor lamp is amazing!

Elyse says:

Oh my goodness. I am in love with the first photo. <3

Kiley says:

Magical princess wonderland. Loooove <3

Amazing use of wood in this space. And the children's place is so whimsical and fun!

Mélanie says:

J'adore this floor lamp , looks so inspring …perfect for an Alice wonderland's interior

Sofia says:

OMG!!! All the pictures are great but the last two… uuhhhoooo!!!
Love, love, love!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing so many beautiful things!

Jenny says:

The pink is so amazing. They have inspired me.

Lilli says:

quirky and homey and lovely and fun 🙂 inspiring

Uniquely beautiful and inspiring…and fun and quirky. These photos are a great example to urge "home design civilians" to think outside the box rather than search for a "design rule"..Thanks for this

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