Posted on Thu, 23 Jul 2009 by KiM

I stumbled across the New York home of artist Cary Leibowitz (also known as Candyass) and was floored. This guy is nuts, in a totally bold, pop art, colourful and graphic way. And I love it. Candyass is bad-ass. I love people who don’t follow rules.

Photos by Toni Meneguzzo via AT Casa

Hahaha! I was going "where's the giant penis? I can't see the penis" because I was too engrossed in the baseball cards and jeans bedspread. See decor wins over porn every time for me. I must say though does Candyass own enough Warhols?

Chelsea says:

I'm in color shock! These spaces are so extreme and awesome! wow… what it must feel like to live in that type of beautiful chaos…

These are such crazy interiors, but yet so inspiring and fascinating! Thumbs up:)

I love this! I couldn't live with it but I love to see something so fun and different.

This would be a really fun house to be a guest at!

what a stunning and fascinating home!I would like to have all this courage!!

A giant crotch in the living room! ROFL! That IS extreme! I love this style, because it's like luxurious eclecticism. It's funky but still looks expensive and tasteful…not an easy look to pull off. I am totally going to use this as inspiration in future project…not the giant crotch though! ROFL

My oh my. So bold… So graphic… So fantastic. Thanks for sharing this space.

How amazing! So many great things going on I don't even know where to start. The wallpaper- my god- that wallpaper! Amazing. Thanks! 🙂

hello says:

less warhol please.

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