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Posted on Mon, 3 Aug 2009 by KiM

Mihaela (Miha) Dosei of Romania wrote us recently and I wanted to share her email and photos she included with you.
“As many of your readers, I am extremely passionate about interior design and fairly new in the interior design field. As I am working on growing my firm your blog is more then just an inspiration to me. I find your blog unique and I want to let you know it is a source of inspiration not only for people that are passionate for interior decorating but also for many professionals in the field around the world.
I would like to share a few images of my work. I consider that any style is possible; things are not meant to just look good, they must work and be functional. Our homes should be a refuge in the face of the outside world stress, a place that will protect our calm and will satisfy and make us better, an oasis of stability and calm when everything that surrounds us is unpredictable and pretentious.”

Miha, thanks so much for allowing us this glimpse of your work and I don’t doubt you are going to have a very successful career ahead of you.

I think she`s very good and she really brings out the best of any of these styles. My favourite is the black and white interiors, so cool. Thank you all for charing!

H says:

(gasp) Wow…

Love the stripes! Also love seeing homes from all round the world!

Anonymous says:

Miha, you have a wonderful touch, and from the range of your images, you obviously work well with your clients. Thank you for pointing out the importance of FUNCTION! Something that sometimes gets lost in the wonder of photographing stuffed seabirds & jewelry boxes inside fireplaces, with trailing leather curtains. Yes, lovely — and a child lives here, you say?

I'd love to know if you have favorite shops to pick up the knicknacks you've arranged so beautifully.

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