I just kept stalking

Posted on Tue, 11 Aug 2009 by midcenturyjo

Once I start I cannot stop. I’m fatally attracted to staring through people’s windows even if it is a virtual stare online. Perhaps the real estate market is picking up because the interesting stuff is popping up again. Love the industrial meets Asian vibe of this home in Melbourne. Talk about position. You can’t be closer to all that is hip than Gore St Fitzroy and there is even a self contained studio. I’m crying with jealousy. Please new owners who ever you may be can I live in the studio at least and come borrow a cup of milk every so often?

I think I need to win lotto and move in there. What a wonderful home

This is a beautiful interior design. it's very neat and the tings are well organized

Anonymous says:

lately i've been seeing a lot of homes with faux (or real! eek) sheepskin throws and seat cover things.

I was wondering if you could do a reader request and hunt some pretty ones down for us!

Jaime says:

Love the deck w/ a city view!

kt says:

please don't stop!!

The what looks like a front door on the inside view looks very intriguing – I might have to do some real stalking in the form of a drive by to check it out!! -thats not weird at all!!!!?!!

I'm into design and such, so I look at a lot of homes online, all day long. Usually, I see decor that I LOVE, but wouldn't necessarily want in my own home. This house is unique in that, were I to move there, I don't think I'd change a thing.

boliyou says:

I love the rug in photo #2 and the door in photo #4! Any chance we could get a close-up of that door?

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