Posted on Tue, 25 Aug 2009 by KiM

Two years ago Johan Arvidson started a site called Styleroom where Swedes upload photos from their homes and share with others. They now have over 100,000 photos and have recently started sites in the US, the UKand Germany. TONS of inspiration and creativity…and below are a few photos I selected that caught my eye.

Anonymous says:

where can we get those faux sheep throws?!?!

pleaseee do a post on them

kim. says:

Anon = Ikea.

ho-lay that's a lot of ikea right there!

Great, photos from my home!

Aimee says:

Oh look at those gorgeous pink…banksias (?) on the wall of the first photo!

interesting, there are a few photos with bunting being used as decoration, but not in childrens rooms like you usually see it. Is this a new trend?

oh no, please, I do not need another obsession!!!

kim. says:

it seems to be interiorblogging. as a matter of fact, i just bought some lace bunting on Etsy for my bedroom.

I seriously love Helena and Benita's houses. Greta style.

Anonymous says:

My mom's from Britain, I thought — yes! check out the latest in real life Brit style… OMG. I mean that sincerely. Never again! How depressed ARE these poor people? I'm now headed for the US, then the German sites… and I'm scared.

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