I got the stalkin’ blues …

Posted on Wed, 26 Aug 2009 by midcenturyjo

Why oh why are all the wonderful homes I want when I stalk always so out of my price range? Thankfully this warehouse conversion is in a completely different city (Melbourne) so I couldn’t buy it even if I could afford it. $1 million as a price guide. Oh I hope the real estate bubble bursts here! Love this place though. The thought of a zen white courtyard with a lone birch gives me shivers. Here while the link lasts.

Anonymous says:

Have plans now. Buy brick box. Make gorgeously simple inside…oh, and $1Million? ach!–Ruth

Anonymous says:

can anyone tell me what light is used in the bathrooms? I love it.

Lindsay says:

Why is Australian design so cool? Not a rhetorical question. Jo's photos, Australia Vogue Living, why are these so much better than everything else?

kim. says:

You know what this place is? HEAVEN surrounded by bricks.

kim. says:

Anon, that pendant in the first photo looks similar to the E27 pendant.

Yolksy says:

Oh my goodness, this place is heaven! I've relaxed just by looking at these pictures! Ok, I'm dying for that indoor outdoor shower! Amazing find…wish it could be yours!

Anonymous says:

Good morning
it is morning now in Slovenija.Could you believe it, I open the desireto..pages every single morning before starting working.Some sort of beauty reminder, I guess.
Thank you for excellent finds.

Anonymous says:

I love the bed in little Ned's room. Does anyone recognize it? Thanks and I love your house stalking!

Elyse says:

So great! =D

that bathroom is freakin' gorgeous!

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