Swedish penthouse

Posted on Mon, 21 Sep 2009 by KiM

I love this Swedish penthouse that is up for sale…well, most of it. I’d just lose all the huge, plain and ugly carpets to show off the gorgeous hardwood and do something about the kitchen. The green is icky.

Polly R says:

Love the colours and the mix between old and new. x


I agree with you – remove all those carpets, maybe have a all white floor in the bedroom.
The kitchen I would paint, and have hardwood floor there too.

Maybe I should move to my neighbor country 😉

you are so right about the green in the kitchen. eew. but i totally love teh bookcases all over the home.

Anonymous says:

Re: removing the carpets, i'm guessing you have no idea how cold it can get in Sweden… :/

Robin says:

oh, those bookshelves are great!

There is so much natural light…I am in love.

Yes the light, yes the books. hey a kitchen cab change with a coat of paint 🙂

kim. says:

Anon, I live in CANADA, so I have an idea of how cold it can get in Sweden. Living through frigid winters doesn't mean you need to lay down huge ugly carpets all over your house.

I'm with everyone else on the kitchen floor (heh heh…that sounds mildly naughty).

I'd put in hardwood, maybe light maple. I'd change the cabinet frames and doors to light maple too…then the green tile becomes kinda mod. And add maybe some orange accents.

Totally agree on the area rugs…it's not the idea of area rugs that's the problem, it's big lavender and peach and baby blue ones with green trim that are the problem…something textural and neutral (and smaller) would be much better

Janine Marshall says:

Well I'm going to be totally honest here and say there's not much about the place I like. Like the dining room chairs. Bookcases are good – although I thought the bookcase that went up on one wall and over the door and then stopped – I thought that was totally weird. I noticed the panel curtains – how there was two black and white ones then two plain whites – like they couldn't make up their minds. Always good to see other people's interiors. Thanks for sharing this with us.


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