Take me away …

Posted on Tue, 22 Sep 2009 by midcenturyjo

When life is crazy then peace can be found here. Rockridge, a beach house in Palm Beach north of Sydney. Ah to be able to lock the world away and just relax.

Looks like a great place, wouldnt mind staying there for a while.

Chelsea says:

Oh what I wouldn't give to be here right now… I could use an escape at the moment. Thank you for allowing me to do so- even if just in my own mind.
I adore and admire your blog very much.

Coming with you, amazing views!

Oh how I dream of a beach house like this one!

Jo in NZ says:

Noice …very noice! As Kath would say (or is it Kim?). You two find the best stuff to daydream over, you really do.

Lindsey says:

OMG. That looks AMAZING. We are totally gonna send House Hunters International there! DTI, ur the best. thanks for my mini lunch time brain vacation!

jonathon229 says:

one word: boobies! (;

kim. says:

i love every inch of this place – even the boob art. 🙂

Janine Marshall says:

Liked this beach home. Would be just lovely to get away…I'm like some and couldn't help noticing the boob art and I'd put money on it that the subject has had a boob job. Nope call it what you will but couldn't imagine having this above my bed!!!! Second thoughts, just give me the day bed to sleep on!!!


Anonymous says:

love it.
there's something funky going on between the two different shots of that bedroom with the pin-up girl. I'm playing that game where you try to figure out what's different in the two photos (anybody get 'Highlights' when they were little?). lol.

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