Scott Waterman

Posted on Thu, 24 Sep 2009 by KiM

Scott Waterman is a favourite artist of mine whom I blogged about a little over a year ago. He’s also a favourite Flickr contact as I love keeping up to date with his latest works. Well, he emailed the other day with a link to a post about some of Asian-inspired art on the blog Chinoiserie Chic. Since I am not only a huge fan of Scott’s, but a huge fan of Chinoiserie, I thought I’d share a glimpse into this facet of his work. (Check out Beth’s post for more photos and details).

Yolksy says:

Oh my god I saw this on Chinoiserie Chic and could not believe how stunning it was! I have been showing it to so many people! Love Scott Waterman! So glad you shared it!

This is great! I LOVE the wall art! I'm off to check out this artists website…. 🙂

Natascha xoxo

His work is absolutely fantastic!

Very beautiful, thanks for showing this. It manages to be both elegant and spectacular at the same time. The white forest on the walls is quite celestial.

H says:

wow! the walls are handpainted? amazing, so talented.

Oh my oh my! I have a new burning desire. Scott come paint my house!

Those walls look amazing!!

amazing , he is good

Such enthusiasm. Thanks so much!

Have paint brush – will travel. Hire me!


Naomi says:

just. simply. gorgeous.

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