A tale of two cities less one

Posted on Mon, 5 Oct 2009 by midcenturyjo

I was all prepared to continue the saga of Sydney versus Melbourne that has developed in my real estate stalking but here’s the rub. I suddenly realised that both houses I had bookmarked are from… Melbourne. Sorry Sydney. Maybe next week. Love the history of this 19th century grocery store in Port Melbourne now converted to a quirky family home. The romance as well as the scars are proudly incorporated into a home that is fun and one of a kind.

What’s hiding behind this next petite historical facade in Albert Park? More than you’d expect. Renovations in Melbourne are known for getting as much “bang” out of their block as possible without losing amenity. This is an elegant, contemporary extension of a simple wooden home with a not so simple price tag. So brash and bold and quirky or refined, clever and hidden? What’s your choice? Melbourne or Melbourne?

i like the openness of both homes, especially the second one (what a surprise it is!) with its long courtyard corridor.

love the renovation on the 2nd home, and the idea of all that modernity with a historical facade.

That fireplace in the second home is to. Die. For. Awesome.

Brandi says:

There's something about a rustic home that makes me swoon every time. I just love the first home. I might be a bit paranoid with all of those windows in the bathroom, but I loved the "found" feeling the decor has.

Jan says:

Like both of these for different reasons.
Twice today (!) I've looked at these.
You really do have the best interiors photos here on your site.

Suzy says:

My choice would be Melbourne any day!

R. says:

Definitely the first house. The second one is very nice, but I prefer a more vintage, messy atmosphere myself…
But wow, those houses are pricey!! Guess ours isn't that expensive, after all…

R. says:

PS: that real estate agent (or his/her photographer) def. has a thing for colouring in pictures… those dark blue skies don't exactly look natural to me… wonder what else has been photoshopped about the house…

Oh, that first one… I am IN LOVE. Holy cow – just beautiful. But I guess it should be, with that price tag, no?? 😉

etoilee8 says:

This house boggles my mind.

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