Erin Martin Design

Posted on Wed, 14 Oct 2009 by KiM

“Balance of art, engineering aesthetics and personality.”
“Capture the rhythm & energy of space.”
“Consistent & classic, yet absolutely unique.”

These are some of the philosophies of California based Erin Martin Design. Uniqueness is key here as there are so many unexpected touches throughout their designs. Complete creativity and bold choices. All done in shades of cremes and white, grey and black. My new favourite firm.

WOW faultless design!

ovelhadog says:

Very nice…

Just beautiful. Love all the natural wood, black wood floors and all the white fabric pieces that pop out.

Love, love these!
Want to be in the chill out zone and the white bedroom.

Kim says:

Oh my amazing! I am completely in love. I would be forever thrilled to live in those spaces. Thanks for the inspiration!

I am a HUGE fan of Erin Martin's work, just commented on Paloma's blog La Dolce Vita about my obsession with her work, her designs are so cheeky…such well appointed wit, love it;) Thanks for the post!

erin martin is FANTASTIC… period. lovely post… x pam

dukeand says:

gorgeous..we love the top pics

Lisbeth says:

Beautiful home. Relaxing, inspiring, cool. Thanks for sharing. Cheers

Shira says:

That moose head (or whatever it is) sticking out in the bathroom would scare the living fart out of me. (Pun intended.)


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