A tale of two cities

Posted on Wed, 14 Oct 2009 by midcenturyjo

This week the common theme is modern, minimalist, white and inner city. How I love this Melbourne home and when I say Melbourne I mean slap bang in the central business district. It gives nothing away on the outside yet inside is an oasis. Love the floor, love the slight 80s vibe, love the red and white, hate that there are only 4 pictures on the real estate site.

Our second home is inner city Sydney. Darlinghurst in fact. Just sold, this terrace house promises much from the inside and delivers a modern home big on space and light (this is a narrow terrace house after all). Would love to see this one professionally photographed. Wide angle lens, flash and photoshop don’t do it justice. One from Sydney one from Melbourne. The rivalry continues. Which one does it for you?

Georgia says:

I do love a good terrace reno. And while that floor in Melb looked super cool, I kept thinking how super cold it would be underfoot in a Melbourne winter…

Both are beautiful and so filled with light!

I am really into inner-city dwellings right now! Thanks for the great inspiration. I love the idea of a little oasis in the hearty of a big city…

Ivy Lane says:

Both really great… Maybe it is the photography, but the Sydney house seems so much lighter and brighter… love the furnishings there too!

Tabitha says:

They both do it for me. It's so hard to choose. I like each one for various, different reasons.

Makes me wish I could live in Australia… no that I could afford those homes but hey, a girl can dream yes?

Anonymous says:

what is that black artwork with the flowers above the fireplace? i love it! anyone know who did that piece?

tiffany says:

Love the Sydney deck; don't like the yellow tones in the floor. I think Melbourne wins.

Both, diferent but lovely!

flexauk says:

I would like to say that the owner of the site has a great idea of choosing a topic.

Jonathan says:

I am thinking that the frequent comparison of a home in Sydney and a home in Melbourne would be fun to do if your Canadian writer did the same with two Canadian cities (say Toronto and Montreal).

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