My DIY sofa – replicated!

Posted on Tue, 20 Oct 2009 by KiM

Tess of Cozy Little Cave had emailed me a little while ago to say how much she loved my DIY couch and that it would work perfectly in her space. It’s finally done and she posted about it on her blog here. It looks fantastic and I’m so glad it worked out for her as well as it did for me. And I reeeeeally like the legs she chose for it. YAY Tess!

Fiona says:

It does looked fantastic! Nice and it goes so well with the look in the room!

This is really nice. I wish I had the courage to undertake this type of project.

Simple and cozy !

Well done and I really like the picture wall too!

Laura says:

Wow! I don't know if I could create such a large piece…Kudos! I work with ReadyMade magazine and I have tried some of their smaller scale home design projects and thought you may be interesting in checking them out.

kim. says:

ReadyMade is a fav magazine of mine. 🙂 Love the creative ideas in it – there's a few I've been wanting to try.

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments- I can't say enough how great this project worked out for us!

Laura- I do check ReadyMade out a lot! Making such a large piece wasn't bad at all! You just have to be very patient, meticulous, and allow yourself plenty of time. 🙂 And of course, if possible, have a set of awesome instructions on which to base the project (like Kim's bf so generously provided! :D)

Fabulous lighting, angles, composition and subjects – I am definitely inspired! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel Averitt says:

Where do I get the instructions? I am in need of an affordable couch for my rather small apartment! Please help!

KiM says:

Rachel, there's a link in the first sentence of this post that takes you to my post of instructions.

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