Louis Lemaire

Posted on Wed, 21 Oct 2009 by midcenturyjo

New photographer crush. Fickle aren’t I but when you come across a portfolio like that of Louis Lemaire it’s hard not to be in awe. Luscious light, great angles and composition. I’m inspired. Are you?

Georgia says:

WOW! Love all of those. I want the big sectional couch and the rack for hanging children.

I want to be on the last photo!

These are gorgeous, love it!!

Merilin says:

so homie and loevly spaces!!!!:)


Anonymous says:

Lamaire's color balance is perfect. Really enjoyed this work.

The house of my dreams!(all of them)

Jenna says:

what a beautiful home

Kiley says:

Oooh… that work desk (?) with the checkered wall…. and giant suitcases (?)

The gymnsatic rack is fabulous also although wouldn't if be great without paint and just some kind of clear enamel/wax finished? just makes me think of 1 room school houses….

Raru says:

I love all of them.
Thanks for sharing. Raru

Fabulous lighting, angles, composition and subjects – I am definitely inspired! Thanks for sharing!

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