A tale of two cities

Posted on Mon, 23 Nov 2009 by midcenturyjo

Ah Sydney! Brash and loud, young and vibrant, nouveau rich and tacky tacky tacky…. or so the gossip goes. (I’m from Brisbane so I’d never say such things about Sydney, honestly). No Sydney is an oasis of style, a retreat. It may be in your face at times (hey it’s always fun) but you’ll find lush cool gems like this Paddington house just waiting to refresh your spirit. Here while the link lasts.

Ah Melbourne! Stuffy, old fashioned, dreary and old money, tasteful and condescending. No I swear that’s not true! I promise. We don’t think that way at all up here in the tropics. It’s home to new design and new ideas. Sometimes a great sense of style and an old money suburb (South Yarra) can combine in a modern way. Luxury referencing the past but living in the present. (Here while the link lasts.) The moral of the story? Don’t believe the stereotypes.

Sheila says:

Although I am a Sydney resident this time I am going for Melbourne. Love the striped carpet and the painting in the kitchen.

I love the interiors of Melbourne (especially that striped carpet!) and the courtyard of Sydney. Normally I’d add that I love Sydney’s weather too, but based on the last 48 hours, I might hold off on that. 35 degrees C at mightnight is not a nice way to start summer!

xx Kit

Yeye says:

The last couple posts the photos have not been appearing in Google Reader…. have you changed any settings? I think it started with the Winks this weekend.

whyioughtta says:

I have never seen striped broadloom like that–striped area rugs yes, but not broadloom. Very cool.

Love them both, would take either. :^)

KiM says:

Yeye – I will check with Squarespace folks again about Google reader. I had them look into it late last week as we had a couple emails about the images not appearing and they couldn’t figure out why (and it seemed to work for some).

And I too am loving the b/w striped broadloom. (Would you tire of it quickly though?)

that 8th picture in your post: is that the same electric fire as this wall mounted electric fire?
i’m thinking of redesigning my living room in almost the same way but with a fireplace like that.

Desire to Inspire says:

Yeye – the google reader may be fixed now. Give it a try.

Claire says:

Ohh I love that South Yarra house. The striped carpet is lovley.

domesticgodess says:

And what the stereotype for Perth??!!

fiona4802 says:

Even though I have lived in the tropical north for many years now, I’ll always be a Melbourne girl!!

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