The Great Gift Challenge – part 2

Posted on Mon, 23 Nov 2009 by KiM

As Jo explained last Monday, we are taking part in a special campaign with Martha Stewart and eBay where we have to hunt on eBay for the perfect Christmas gifts at certain price points. Last week Jo blogged about her $25 purchase for her niece and this week it’s my turn. I had to select a gift for a loved one costing $75 (excluding shipping). I am not sure why but this price point was VERY tough for me. I was able to find all sorts of great items for less or more than this amount. But I am all about the thrill of the hunt so IT WAS ON. I had my twin sister in mind for this one. Julia and I, go figure, have very similar tastes and I wanted to find something for her home that was vintage. She is a fan of mid-century and Hollywood regency styles (she has a couple amazing mid-century credenzas in her home), and has an Asian themed bedroom. She has 2 children who are 1 and 3, so she never gets to go thrift shopping with me anymore as she’s always stuck at home minding my niece and nephew. Here are some of the things I managed to find  that were contenders:


I love lamps so of course I assume my sister loves them as much as I do. 🙂 I found a couple that would have looked really great on Julia’s teak credenzas, and a tension pole lamp that was just so funky and  would look fab next to her vintage armchair. Then there was a mirrored table that had such a fun shape and required a little bit of TLC. I figured if she needed a break from the kiddies this table would be a good excuse to hide out in her garage for a couple hours. I have recently acquired a love for cloisonne so I was stoked to find the cutest set of lidded spice jars. And lastly there was a coat rack/shelf that would be really useful in Julia’s front entrance. In the end I was completely undecided, until I found these:

I thought for sure there would be multiple bids and I’d start having a panic attack. I mean, these are the most gorgeous blanc de chine porcelain lamps ever! And the price was SOOOO right – if no one else bid. And to my shock no one else did. They are going to be perfect on either end of the large/low dresser in Julia’s bedroom. The seller was a pleasure to deal with and apologized for the $24 shipping cost which I thought was more than reasonable. They should be arriving any day now from the U.S. and I’ll have to figure out how to wrap them. I’ll probably leave them in the box they are shipped in, and I was thinking of getting some glossy black wrapping paper and a very thick white ribbon to wrap around the box and tie at the top in a huge bow. And voila, one gift done.

So folks, don’t forget that part of this challenge involves you! If you are a resident of the U.S., head on over to this site and enter to win a $1000 eBay gift voucher. What I could do with $1000…..

Frances Jackson says:

I love the lamps, they are gorgeous! And to win the bidding, how rocking lucky is that?!!

midcenturyjo says:

So glad you won those lamps! Perfect and only $75 for both. Steal.

wynn says:

that looks like kuan yin.. chinese goddess of mercy. i wouldnt give it as christmas gifts to christian friends

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