Loft conversion

Posted on Mon, 30 Nov 2009 by KiM

I was back on Location Partnership checking for more funky pads (since this one was such a hit), and I came across another amazing space – a “loft conversion with many original features and sleek interior. The property compromises cast iron radiators, Victorian porcelain brickwork, old de-commissioned lift and exposed wooden beams“. WOW. This loft is huge and I could cram it with so much stuff it’s giving me heart palpitations. The potential is astronomical, although the current residents have done not too bad a job doing it up.

wow all the way around, from the patterned wallpaper to the exposed brick and wood to that loft bedroom with the glass wall for viewing the downstairs area. oh- my -gosh! truly inspiring 🙂

Katherine says:

I have to say I love the way the black radiator looks against the white subway tile. Amazing space. Seriously.

Alexandra says:

Interiors look so great !!!

Just one question in my mind – are you sure it is the same building ?? :

"How something looking so beatiful inside – can look so ugly outside ?? " !!!


Angelina says:

Simply Stunning. I adore it completely. I would need to clutter it up more but I find it inspirational that they haven’t.

Georgia says:

Hey! Funny thing, I thought this loft looked familiar… check out this little scene from "Closer".

I have nothing to say but…WOW!! 🙂

midcenturyjo says:

What an exceptional space! So much room.

I agree another one for the if I win lotto list…that garden room is devine!!!!

oregonbird says:

I love the location/building, the kitchen drawers, the chandelier for the toddler — in fact, the lighting is probably my favorite part. I’m not so certain about the deco. Imagine sitting naked on the plexiglass chair! And there’s something harsh and cold about the wall coverings… and weirdly, about the safety glass up the staircase. Ditto the shelving and tabletop. I like to see past the furnishings to a loft’s beautiful bones… but there’s more than enough room here to allow a few good pieces of furniture to have their due. It seems stingy — I mean, even the piano is more or less shoved into the corner — why? The storage piece in the child’s area? Again, the word cheap comes to mind.

I love the loft. I love the lighting. I really dislike the decor, on very personal, bad-vibe grounds… I know it really is a very nice job, can’t explain my reaction at all. The sheer *number* of radiators shocks me!

sabrina says:

I have been looking for a Linear Chandelier like the one over the dining room table. I live in Sydney Australia, can anyone help me? Found one in the States but they won’t ship to Australia.

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