Beach shack

Posted on Mon, 30 Nov 2009 by midcenturyjo

When the wind and waves roll in from Antarctica a beach shack needs to be cosy and warm. This minimalist modern concrete and timber bunker may not spring to mind as your typical beach abode but when inclement weather is chilling your bones on the southern coastline of Australia you’ll be toasty warm inside. Designed by de Campo Architects. Real estate stalking again here.

peggy says:

I love all the art!

i think beach pleasure dome would be a more apt title. the phrase beach shack doesn’t do this home justice.

jennifer says:

That bathroom, as stark and cold as it may seem with the concrete, I LOVE IT.

JG says:

Jo, you have quite the design eye. Thanks for that! BTW, i really like all the Australian content that you publish! I wish I could get a subscription to Australian Vogue in Canada for a reasonable price.

Wow, I *really* love this. My family is on the beach (I grew up there), and I just moved out of a loft earlier this year (I relocated to NYC). This is the perfect combination of both things I loved about those spaces, combined with my love of clean lines and earth tones! Can I have it? 😉

mel bomba says:

i love everything about this ‘SHACK’, although where is the view? anyway, still wishing i was there…

Now this is the sort of Beach "Shack" that I aspire to! I love it. I grew up right off a beach, so this is right up my alley.

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