Todd Alexander Romano

Posted on Fri, 4 Dec 2009 by KiM

Surprisingly Jo and I have never blogged about interior design superstar Todd Alexander Romano, especially since his designs have been included in many issues of Elle Decor. Here’s a little bit from his bio: “Todd is best known for his eclectic and youthful approach to traditional high-end interior design. He likes clean, classic backgrounds, be it either traditional or modern architecture with the use of fresh colors, comfortable seating, good lighting, great artwork and elements that add a touch of whimsy that ultimately reflects the owner’s personality. He adeptly mixes fine antiques, custom upholstery and modern elements to create environments that are above all exciting, appropriate and comfortable.” I love that his designs are a mix of classic and modern, and he doesn’t shy away from bold colours and patterns. He is sooooo inspirational.

Raina says:

Thank you for posting the work of one of my favorites! His use of color and pattern is without compare.

Raven says:

If Todd doesn’t inspire, I don’t know who does! Thanks so much for these lovely examples of his brilliant, brilliant work.

Piper says:

Thank you for posting his work – he’s one of my favorite designers. I always cut out pictures of his rooms when I come across them!!

Oh the first image, stunning!

raine says:

LOVE the dog step, bench to the bed@

drey says:

i love the new site girls! soooo beautiful, great job!

yes i lovelovelove todd romano’s electic style of furnishings too

midcenturyjo says:

I can’t believe we haven’t either although that grey/dark blue/purple room has been a feature in a couple of posts. It has to be one of my all time favourite rooms. YUM!!!!

oregonbird says:

Wow. I love his use of color, and the not-quite-funky balancing touches. But is this designer as eternally devoted to the trad couch-table-flanking chairs tableau as it appears? The blue bedroom… yep.

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