Todd Yoggy

Posted on Tue, 8 Dec 2009 by KiM

Classic with touches of modern, boldly elegant and sophisticated yet comfortable, mixes of past and present. Welcome to the world of interior designer Todd Yoggy.

RLG says:

divine. spaces i can feel warm and toasty in. thanks for sharing. xoxo

oregonbird says:

I have a sudden burning desire to go out and snag me an upscale british bloke.

TallDrink says:

Holy Smokes I am in love with that first image. Like a Dark, British Gentlemen's Study

Suzy says:

YUM! Move on over Mr Lauren!

midcenturyjo says:

Those first few rooms are so rich, so lush, so yummy. Such a masculine look but so very stylish.

Carole says:

Love the black walls in the first few photos! And the bedroom with the shiny leather headboard and the greywool lined walls! Masculine, yet warm.

Beautiful picks, and I especially love the long exposure outdoor shots.

So in love……..withyou…… I! I want to live in all of these!

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