Mark Seeger’s blood, sweat and tears

Posted on Tue, 22 Dec 2009 by KiM

Today I’d like to share a reader’s home that stemmed from the following email: “I’m an american living in Singapore. I moved here when I was 22, and I’m 30 now, so that’s a few years. Rather than live the traditional ‘expat lifestyle’ of a condo and 42 inch LCD TV on the wall, I bought over a “per-war colonial house” (also known as a “Black & White House”). It had no floor and no roof when I took it over (abandoned for nearly a decade). I rebuilt it myself (in the hot sun!), and I’d love to share it with you! It may help others share inspiration about what can be done with old bricks 😉
Mark Seeger & Huska (german shepherd)

When I saw these photos I was shocked. THIS had no floor and roof??!! It’s an incredible home that was obviously a labour of love. Thanks for sharing it with us Mark!

Jany says:

WOW, WOW, WoW !!! Such a wonderful home! I adore the outdoor-shower, and love the bookcases on the brick wall, very cool idea. Bravo, Mark!!

Blake says:

This place is absolutely incredible. Just superior!!! Thanks for sharing

Max T says:

Call me an exhibitionist but that outdoor shower in a fishtank is AMAZING!!!

Farhana says:

I’m one of the few local Singaporeans who have been following desire-to-inspire religiously (I know others too). Even as locals, we are always intrigued by the black-&-white houses and I for one, have always wanted to be able to peek inside. This is a pleasant surprise, thanks for sharing !

great home, I would love to have tea there

Isabel says:

Hey!! By chance i came upon this website of yours and I must say that I am so proud of you! Its totally an inspiration and the designs are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Daryl says:

That is beautiful – and clearly painstaking – work. Kudos.

diana says:

what a great project! love the liberal use of wood, complemented with brick. makes for a warm, earthy feel to the space.

elwin says:

i like how the house has character. awesome!

Dave H says:

Hi Mark,

You never cease to amaze me. I'm totally impressed by this house. I'm glad to see that you are doing so well.

Dave H. (aka Jazzfanatic)

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