Minimalist stalking

Posted on Wed, 23 Dec 2009 by midcenturyjo

Could you do it? Could you live so minimally? I’m both fascinated and frightened by this recently renovated worker’s cottage in Woollahra, Sydney that I stumbled across in my stalking. Such a beautiful and serene house but where do I put my things? Lots of storage I’m sure but could I have maybe just one or two (or in my case several dozen) retro vases? Stunning simplicity for sale here while the link lasts.


This is very inspirational! I love the layout!

Minimalist to be sure but there’s no personal stuff around

And I am not even talking about decoration or pictures!

No fruit, no pots, no pans, no clothes, no watches, jewelery, clothing, shoes…

It would look very different if it had people living there — actually living, eating, cooking and sleeping there

Andrea says:

I love the look, but it does need some personal touches. I do not like the open bedroom/bathroom floor plan, however.

Nancy says:

This is an awesome house but from the looks of it someone only actually "lives" in the living room. The rest looks a little souless… Isn’t living in a house about making your mark and leaving a feeling of self? The rest of the house looks like a shell of a home.
But just let me live there a year…!!!

StacyShine says:

Nice bones…no flesh 🙁

Jennifer says:

Wow are you kidding me with some of these comments? That is one RAD-PAD. Eclectic and un-cluttered. And high marks for NOT looking like every other space these days. Did she say where she lived? Those windows alone had me drooling.

Michelle says:

gorgesous home………..but nobody is home….surely this is just set up for sale…….who can live like this ???

KiM says:

WOW!!!!! This place is INCREDIBLE!!! Ok, I am also not digging the lack of decor/life but OMG my head is spinning with so many decorating ideas!


Erica says:

getout! no normal person lives here – they’ve just had a burglary and lost all their STUFF!!

Lynne says:

I like an uncluttered look but this seems to be taking things to the extreme. It reminds me of a new home for which the builder has rented furnishings for open-home purposes. You walk through them and, despite the furniture, know no one lives there.

But oh! the potential!

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