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Posted on Wed, 23 Dec 2009 by KiM

We received an email the other day from a reader named Leslie that had me completely intrigued. “hi. i love your blog and i am also a design junkie. i live in a stone house from the 1930’s and have designed it with a diverse mix of tribal, mid century modern, antiques, hand made objects, things i’ve collected from my travels. it all pulls together in an integrated rich mix of textures and objects…i do think it is a home you would appreciate and wondered if you wanted to see some sample photo’s of some rooms?” Hells yeah I want to see!!! Mid-century and tribal is Jo’s ultimate mix of styles and I love it as well. Leslie has such a wonderful collection of tribal pieces and ethnic furniture, and some fabulous teak pieces. Not to mention quite a stellar collection of rugs and mid-century chairs (and cute pooch) that had me gasping in delight. I love eclectic and this is for sure an eclectic mix. Thank you for sharing your home with us Leslie!!







StacyShine says:

I love what you have done with your furniture peices. Really enjoyed!
PS: Keep up the good work DTI…Im one of your biggest fans!!

NW Home says:

I totally love this house! It has a really great vibe and a wonderful mix of furniture and accessories. I have a somewhat similar mix myself–danish modern with rustic country and a variety of "ethnic" items. I think it works well. Thanks for sharing!

Nuit says:

what an amazing home! everything in it seems so special. Love the chairs and the gorgeous windows. Happy christmas!!!!

peggy says:

I really love that you are featuring readers’ homes! I find the homes of real people so interesting, and this home is wonderful. I adore the pottery. Kim, don’t you find it fascinating that everyone is a curator these days? Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Thanks for another yeara of inspiration. xxoo

KiM says:

oregonbird – you can never have too many chairs!!
StacyShine – thanks!!
NWHome – do share!
Nuit – Merry Christmas to you too!
peggy – i hope you have too have a wonderful holiday. thank you for your constant support. 🙂

I love that you are featuring readers homes too. And this is another wow! one… Such a great example of following your own style, rather than someone elses…

maria says:

I absolutely love your home, Leslie! It’s gorgeous! We also live in a stone home, where is yours?

midcenturyjo says:

When can I move in? And can I bring my Papua New Guinea tribal pieces?

Iheartfashion says:

I love to see reader’s homes featured!
Great fabrics on the master bed and cushions. Is it John Robshaw?
Merry Christmas!

leslie tamarkin says:

hi. thanks so much for your lovely comments! our house is in stamford ct and the fabrics are from les indiennes–they have a great website.
happy new year to everyone!! best, leslie

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