Aaron Hom

Posted on Tue, 5 Jan 2010 by midcenturyjo

Stylists – the partners in crime of photographers, responsible for the looks we love in magazines. Everything is perfect, the room is wonderful. Oh we want our homes to be just as lovely, just as stylish! Actually I’d love a home as light and bright as the one just below. It belongs to today’s stylist Aaron Hom. While you’re at his website don’t miss his tabletop portfolio. So pretty.

Eric says:

I cannot stress the importance of a good stylist – be it for props for a room shoot, or a MUA for a bridal portrait. My Day job is as a photographer, and when there is someone there to look after the details, I can focus on my craft.

mari a. says:

I love how he uses the plants, they look amazing

Iheartfashion says:

Gorgeous, all of it!
I love the wall of B&W photos, and the slightly wobbly, imperfect quality of having all those little frames hanging together.

Oh my! Breathtaking spaces…lovely photography…your "desire to inspire" is a reality!!!

beautiful! that pool area is stunning!

Greet says:

Well, I think that you helped Emily a lot by sharing these pictures! Very nice ones! That is really sweet of you!!!!


Robin says:

I’m drawn to the white rooms….nice:~)

tracy martin’s room is very special.
it is very different and well appointed.

i loved this post.
& happy new year

Christine says:

Amazing space. I love the mix of modern and traditional – just perfect!

oregonbird says:

Maybe I don’t understand the distinction between decorators and stylists. Livability as opposed to appearance? Because the first picture — nobody sitting in that room is going to talk comfortably to each other. Same for the next picture. nd the pool. Coffee table (?) flat on the ground? My puppy will be in 7th heaven… and I can give up my long skirts. Books as weight, rather than treasured companions.

But there is good! I LOVE the brick-colored couch under the posters — my local music store comes to national attention! Stellar vignettes. The mix of styles works in every room. I’d end up pushing furniture in. But what a lovely place to live.

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