Flickr finds – pot racks

Posted on Sun, 17 Jan 2010 by KiM

KiM says:

Rebecca – LOL!!! SO TRUE!
Thx Ivan!

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

Oh my God! Rebecca that is exactly what I was thinking! I too am in the market for a potrack but have been confounded by the exact same dilemma: do I only put pretty specially-purchased things up by my stove thereby defeating the whole purpose of having a potrack by my stove?

Again and again I strive to avoid the pitfall of Diderot and his beautiful red dressing gown. Still not there. Sigh.

PS. Kim, great potracks.

dmstudio says:

Thanks for including my pot rack and kitchen in photo #1! I was very surprised to see it here.

Paulita says:

wow..mind meld – my husband just said to me yesterday that he thought we needed to get a pot rack. Thanks for the inspiration

I always think the best racks are above kitchen islands— what else would you ever put up there?!?! 🙂 I like your post!

Vesta Monroe

nice round up! i love our hanging pots, it just makes things so much easier!

dmstudio says:

First I spotted my kitchen and pot rack here, then later it turned up here:

After translating the page, pot racks don’t seem too popular in Poland.

Elizabeth says:

Hey! Thank you for posting my pot rack – photo #2, it is against the wall over the workbench. And to answer the question about hanging only "the pretty pots…" The pots you see hanging, I use EVERY DAY. Hang, hang, hang, the pots you use. When you can afford it, buy one really good pot at a time. That is what I did. When you finally get the good stuff, you find you don’t need many at all. I needed a rack out of necessity – I have no storage in my tiny kitchen. But thanks for sharing.


eggnostriva says:

I think a cooks kitchen needs a good rack, but if you are afraid to show the pot, should you really be cooking with it. All our favourites have battle scars and franklythere seems to be a few pots there that havnt seen a stove.

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