Retro returns!

Posted on Mon, 1 Feb 2010 by midcenturyjo

… yes that’s Ali McGraw in her late 70s pad

The scanner is fixed and my stock of retro design books replenished. At long long last it is the return of the retrolicious, the retro revolting and the retro just might be redeemable. Make up your own mind as I present for your delight and mortification scans from The Apartment Book, by the editors of Apartment Life magazine, Meredith Corporation, 1980. Who would have thought? Build your own 3 mannequin arm table (I have the instructions if you need them), corrugated cardboard as a blind and a hammock that never looked less appealing! (If you are new to Desire to Inspire and have never immersed yourself in my retro obsession click here to see all my previous posts… if your dare.)

Tara says:

Oh, these are great!! Keep ’em coming!

Moodboard says:

These pictures make me think of Three’s Company:)

Lulu1212 says:

Great post. I love these. Its funny how clothing designers draw from the past so easily but you rarely see inspiration in these kinds of images. That blue cloud room for instance. Aye eye aye! Its like late 70’s blue eye shadow. Hilarious. 🙂

Ali McGraw looks fab and timeless! Love her outfit and her living room.

Lisa says:

Next to last photo has me singing " Skyrockets in flight (dum dum) afternoon de-light".

Julia says:

Wow, amazing pictures! I totally want the arm table in the third picture.

Peggy says:

I recognized these pictures right away- I was a faithful subscriber to Apartment Life mag for years. I had some good ideas and I hated to see it go (although even back then it tended to be a little corny).

brandy says:

i really missed these posts.
i love how all the kitchens look like they’d fit in an old Woody Allen movie.

Eileen says:

Oh my gosh….. I remember that Apartment Life spread on Ali McGraw. I thought she had the most incredible apartment and stuff. She collected all of the things I loved. Would be so curious to see her home now and how her collections have changed, or stayed the same.


Lindsay says:

TROPICAL HOUSE PLANTS! They’re the key to the period 1970-1979. They have almost entirely disappeared from decor photos now, which is probably why we can identify an interiors shot from the 70s in about a millisecond! I almost want to photoshop out the plants to prove my point. Oh, and framed posters. That’s another one. But you know that little apartment kitchen is kind of cute. I love these retro posts – more please.

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