Brandon Barré

Posted on Thu, 11 Feb 2010 by KiM

What a pleasure it was to receive an email from Brandon Barré, a photographer from Toronto, who thought we might want to share his photography with our readers. Since his work is the SHIZNIT, I was stoked to devour his newly updated web portfolio and scoop up my favourites. Some of the spaces may be familar to those who watch a design TV show or two. Candice Olson and Colin and Justin are among his clients! (And stay tuned Monday for his entries to the Pets on Furniture post!)


Leann says:

The first few rooms may be over designed and not to everyones taste. You would probably only want one wow room like that in your house. But the rest of the rooms are beautiful and the photography sublime.

Denise says:

Kim…the shame is not on me!

Laurie says:

love em . . . again I am off to self-loathe

Seattle Sue says:

Absolutely spectacular!!! So great to see such bold exciting color (especially this time of year!). I for one, am so over "North American Neutral" as the default color scheme for virtually everything. Went to Brandon Barre’s website ( and there are lots more equally unique and inspiring room images in his portfolio. Thanks for this one. What a find!

Herself says:

So fantastic it almost hurts. In a good way.

igor says:

the refering siteo reports attack, corrupted site… :S

this one

Seattle Sue says:

Igor: Just checked the site: Works just fine. Probably had too many hits or something and the server shut down for a while. (Great interior photos – gotta check them out…)

Wow, I love his work! I just put every image in my inspiration files. Thanks for sharing!

Kay says:

Love it! love it! love it.

Vicki says:

Wow, beautiful and amazing! I loved most of these room and will take some ideas from them, for use in my own home. Thanks so much!

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