Moises Esquenazi

Posted on Thu, 11 Feb 2010 by midcenturyjo

Feeling hot? Feeling stylish? Feeling the whole Palm Springs’ glam? Want colour? Need colour? Feast your eyes on the not so timid designs of Moises Esquenazi. If the snow is getting you down in your neck of the woods pack your bags and move right in in your imagination. A well stocked bar and a seriously sexy pool area await. It’s all just through that shocking pink door. Think colour, comfort and a great sense of humour.

alina says:

This reminds of of The Parker Palm Springs, which is so amazing! Great pictures!

I fell in love with that pink door the first time I saw it. How charming. Also love the second room and that pool!

rene says:

I’m in love with the large floral fabric on the two mid century mod chairs about the 9th row down. Does anyone know how I might locate that fabric??? Thank you!!!

Love the inspiration.

Ditto! I’m dying to know the name of that fabric. And the fabric on the pillow on the green living room bench.

Tara says:

A pink door! Purple carpet! I’m in love…

robin says:

Great images, nice work.

oooooh, i love all the beautiful pops of color and vintage appeal!!

lindsay says:

Loving the pink door and those fantastic plants next to them.

Leann says:

That door would look fabulous any colour, it is just a great door. Love the simplicity of the two cactus framing it as well.

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