A church turned castle

Posted on Tue, 23 Feb 2010 by KiM

Yes, that’s right. How creative must someone be to convert a church into a castle? Tammy emailed us about this INSANE home in Austin, Texas that was the creation of her friends Priscilla Glover and Ivan Spaller of Urban Nature Inc. It was formerly a mission style church built in 1925, and Urban Nature Inc. decided to modernize it with a bit of rock and roll while keeping some old world touches. Talk about a party house! Tammy is their realtor and has since sold the church, but stay tuned tomorrow for another project of theirs just down the road (that is for sale last I heard).




This would make an amazing boutique hotel.

Design-Aficionado says:

What an awesome transformation! Besides the overall awesome design and detail, I especially love the kitchen cabinets, countertops and the big window as well as the two beds in the last picture.

There is so much to take in with these photos, the rooms so big with so many beautiful elements, I especially love the color blue on the floor in the bathroom and the shape of the sinks!

steve says:

Forgive me father for I want one.

Leann says:

My favourite rooms are the black and white bedroom and bathroom. The floor is fabulous. I’ll start praying now for one just the same 😉

midcenturyjo says:

What an amazing transformation. The stonework is mind boggling!

Charlotta says:


om nom nom says:

it’s so so lovely :S but it might be drafty?
…&. the last bedroom seems kind of out of place compared to the rest of the church/castle/house :S
it seems minimalist to the point of being sterileee.

still, lovee the place!

While I don’t think I would choose this as my home, it is so beautiful and interesting. I love getting little peaks into the interiors of places like this!

LOVE IT!!! I have always wanted to convert a n old church to a house. This one is amazing.

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